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2001-11-12 08:07:54 (UTC)

It's Been Awhile

Well, I guess it's been awhile sense the last time that I
wrote in here. Not much has really happened though.
Kira is coming up on Thursday, and I'm really looking
forward to seeing her. The day after she leaves, I start
school, which I'm also looking forward to. It's gonna suck
though, because I close on Saturday, the day that she has
the baby shower, so I have to switch shifts with someone.
But oh well, it shouldn't be too hard.
Well, I've managed to get 2 SOC's at work. I have one for
fries, and one for front counter. Mark won't give me one
for drive thru yet. He says I need to work on suggestive
sales. Which means I almost have to literally say "do you
want fries with that?" Geez, that makes me laugh. But
seriously, I'm gonna work hard, and I've found some ways to
do suggestive sales. Like if someone asks for a sandwich,
fries, and a drink, I will ask them if they want to put it
into a meal. Which I usually do, but I'm beginning to get
impatient with people, so sometimes I don't. And I'm
starting to ask them if they want anything to drink, if
it's not on their order. Sometimes I get yelled at by the
customers if I do that, but oh well, I'm only doing my job.
I just really want to be appreciated there.
I think Jenny holds a grudge against me now that she found
out I have an SOC for counter and for fries. She's all "I
better fucking have one. I've been on fries a hell of a lot
more than you. And front counter." You know, it's not my
fault she doesn't have them. I wish she did, but I can't
give them out.
Well, I'm gonna be going to bed soon, so I'm gonna end
this. I'll write later.
Love, Shelby

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