2001-11-12 07:59:35 (UTC)

First Entry

hihihihhih log ...... well i guess this is my first entry...
well i chose to do this cuz writing it in my compositions
book is vulnerbale to evil hands like my mom and my mom is
comp illiterate so i guess this is the safest way which i
can keep it way from my mom.....

Well on top of that my main reason for keeping this journal
is becasue i think imma in love and i don't know wats going
on.... everything that this girl write to me seems so real
and sweet but when it comes to her actions it done'st seem
that way.... it seems as if shez avoiding me......

Will i ever understand love..... how this fragile part of
life happens everyday and still i don't understand it....
will i ever.... it does seem like i'll ever because it is so
complicated but..... i serioulsy wish i cna but life would
be ever so sweet if it was wit that grl.... geez am i in
love this scary subject that didn't seem like it'd happen to
me but i think it might be now.... wow..... i guess even
some monsters find love....

But i found that i can give love but can i get love back....
but all i know is even though we might not work out as
lovers.... i do know we'll always be best friends and i'll
alays be there for her and i hope she'll always be there for
me no matter what.... maybe in my next entry i write how we met