Life in the Making
2001-11-12 07:58:19 (UTC)

Fun Sunday Night

Ok.. so I get off work and call David. His phone is off. I
try to call Vanessa, no one answers. I get fed up and go
home. I call David again when I get home. He answers. He
had still been at work when I called before. That's ok. I
call Vanessa and cancel my plans with her since she was
getting ready for dinner. I get ready and leave the house.
I meet up with David and his friend Josh. Now, I talk to
Josh every once in a while when I'm at Davids. I met him
for the first time tonight. Nice guy. I really like him. SO
anyway, we met up at Circus Circus. We then go across the
street to the bumgy jump place. David and Josh wanted to go
bumgy jumping. I sat back and watched. I'll go next time,
because I really want to do it, and I could have gone free,
but the guy said I had to go naked. He was joking about it
but serious at the same time. I declined. So we waited for
a hlaf hour before I told David I loved him and he went on
up. David was actually the very last person to jump. He
pushed himself off, which I'm proud of. So that was really
fun. He was shaking when he got down because it was cold
and he was still nervious. So I had to hold him in my arms.
It felt so nice, especially after not seeing him for almost
5 days. Then we went inside Circus Circus and went to
McDonalds. After that we went to the Adult Superstore.
Never been there, and I wanted to check it out. Nothing
special. Lot of porn tapes I didn't even bother looking at.
I actually went to the clothing area. I saw a really pretty
night gown. Not a sexy thing, but was purple silk and lace,
and would have covered the length of my body. I wanted it
so bad. So after the guys browsed a bit, we left. Me and
David said our goodbyes and we went home. I wanted to stay
with him because I havn't seen him in such a long time.....
I missed him. I missed the warmth of his body...his soft
lips, always warm...... his arms around me.... He really
makes me happy. I hope this whole September 11 issue kills
us before we can get married. I heard on the news that Bin
Laden had nuclear bombs??? Not too clear on that. I hope
its not true. I want to marry the love of my life, David,
before I die. I love him. I don't want to loose him.