as the Oval turns
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2001-11-12 07:32:33 (UTC)

such a girl

Song of the whenever: Nickelback - How You Remind Me

Today we got the flat tire off the car, and we got the donut
put on. It was mostly me and this girl that I know from
church. We were having a heck of a time trying to raise the
car up with the jack. Mine was stupid, and hers was better,
but not by much, so that was fun. So we ended up moving the
car to the paved lot across the street from her and Pacey's
respective apartments (they live in neighboring complexes).
And then, Pacey popped up, I guess he was coming from church
(we don't go to the same church). So he took off the tire
once I took off the bolts (they were already loosened). And
lo and behold, the inside of the tire was totally shredded.
Dayum. So it basically means that I have to shell out at
least $40-$50, which sucks majorly. So then we put on the
donut, which is very heavy, and he tightened the bolts with
his strong hands, and he put the minced tire in my trunk.
After that, he watched as I was lowering the car with the
jack, even though he was about to be late for playing
football with some guys from his church. Man, I hate the
fact that he looked so damn hot!

But please tell me why everytime some crap goes down with my
ride or anything for that matter, he's always there being
such a man, while I act like such a girl. Not a woman, but
a girl. It's kind of like how Jenna says that I act like I
don't take crap from anyone but when I deal with Pacey I
turn from a strong black woman to a trained poodle. I feel
like a damsel in distress that Super Pacey has to rescue or
something. Ewww. Not cute.