It's Hot in Here...
2001-11-12 06:38:27 (UTC)


I am obsessed with elipses, I don't know why I just love
using them...I don't even use them properly half of the
time, I just like the way they look...

So, life is good, it seems very odd, but definitely good...I
was in North Scottsdale tonight after church and out there
when you look up at the sky, it's the greatest thing because
there aren't as many lights and you can see the stars
perfectly. It's so awesome...That's always been something
that has fascinated me, the night sky and the ocean...

Things are getting better with M- I know that all this has
been hard for him, but I really hope and pray that God will
work inside of him and he will come to really, truely give
his life over to Jesus...The greates thing for me is when
I'm ready to give up as a person, in the flesh, God always
renews me and gives me the love I need to sustain this
relationship for the long run...Just when I think I've had
enough, the Holy Spirit fills me up with this overflowing
love and then things are great again...

Wow, I got really tired all of a sudden...I think it's time
for bed :)