Book of the Purple Faerie
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2001-11-12 06:28:51 (UTC)

Tatara and Suzuno all over again....

I finished reading "The Amber Spyglass" about 15 minutes
ago and I want to bawl...

It's so sad! It's unfair! No wonder Heather bawled the
night she finished it in North Carolina!

All I can think about is how unfair it was to tear Will and
Lyra apart like that. Their love triggered the change that
happened and then they had to be split apart and what do
they get?! Just a little bench that appears in both worlds
and a date and time to sit on it, so that they know that
they're together... It's so unfair...

Love is something so precious... I understand why Heather
obsesses over guys so much and why Michelle feels so
conflicting over her love for Jon. It's because it's the
sensation of being in love... When it actually happens.
It's so rare that it happens, you know? There are lots of
types of love... there's lust and petty infatuation, but
it's so hard to find the actual, real affection... That's
like a type of magic. I remember the feeling, but I can't
actually feel it anymore. It's reassuring to know that I
felt it once... but if it had been the real thing, wouldn't
it have lasted? Now I wonder if I'll ever really experience
it at all... I doubt that I will. So it hurts that people
who did, even if it was fictitous, have to have it ripped
apart. It's not fair...

But neither is life.

So we can't really blame Mr. Pullman... Not really. That's
just the way things are...

It reminds me of Tatara and Suzuno from Fushigi Yugi... How
they summoned the seven warriors of Byakko and tried to
wish to stay together, only to be told that was the one
wish that could not be fulfilled. I nearly cried when both
died at the same moment and their spirits were reunited...
I hope that when Lyra and Will die, their reunion is as

I'm listening to the song that plays when Tatara and Suzuno
are reunited right now... And it made me cry for them all.

Good thing the roommate isn't around.

But Will and Lyra went on with a sense that they had
something to accomplish, roles to fulfill. Something that
would make their separation worth the pain...

They'll be together again.

I know it.

Sucker for the Tear Jerker

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