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2001-11-12 05:29:20 (UTC)


here i am.
sitting and watching.
and waiting for someone to come along and wake me up.
or maybe to put me to sleep
tuck me in
and whisper sweet promises in my ear.
promises that will not be kept.
or even thought about a second time.
so i am sitting.
at nothing.
hearing nothing.
remembering nothing.
and i am more happy than i have been in a long long time.
and still.
people i love.
are suffering.
are not happy.
and are hurting themselves with every breath that they take.
and i dont know what to do anymore.
but wait.
wait for something to happen.
but nothing has been.
and my ass is getting numb.
and my brain is going dumb.
my mouth isnt wanting to form words.
and the words it is forming
arent being heard.
and i feel like im screaming into a paper bag
thats suffocating me every time i try for fresh air.
and there is nothing.
nothign to be done.
nothing for me to do.
but sit.
like this.
just sit.
and stare.

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