The Basement
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2001-11-12 05:22:20 (UTC)


I kant belive I didn't say anything! Argh!
stupid stupid stupid! I've been banging mah head on da wall
and mentally bashing mahself for da last 20 min I got off
the phone with mah gf. I'm in idiot! I never expected her
to say "I love you" on the phone first so I didn't even
register in my mind wat she said until we hung up!! I'm an
complete moron! Wat will she think of me now?! I hope I
didn't make her feel sad and stupid dat I didn't reply bak.
Ugh!! ::bangs head:: I dun kno wat to say top her next tyme
we talk on the phone. Sure we've been sort of dating on the
net for about 2-3 months but I neva knew she would've said
it first! I feel so bad now... okey...breathe.... the next
tyme we talk on the phone I will say "I love you" first.Me and J
have been on da phone for about 2 hours.It was sorta funny becuz her
mom got her bro and sis to spy on us.U kan hear da phone click on and
off as they tried ta listen on our conversation.Her mom knoes about
her being bi but seemz ta be in sum sorta denial.But J asked her bro
wat was da clicks and her bro said her mom was asking "who is she
talking to? what r dey saying?" and stuff.hahaha.We would sumtymes
flirt on da net but its harder on da phone becuz...well...itz hard to
explain.I pretended I wazn't listenin when she waz practicin her
guitar in da background becuz she is shy about singing and showing
off.But I admit eevn if she'z a beginner at da electric guitar, she
ish really really good.She have da beat down.Well dats all I gotta
say now...bak to mentally bashing myself.....moron moron moron moron
I just hope she wouldn't let me call her again or her feel
awkward becuz I didn't say anything back. How could've I
miss my chance?! *sigh*..I think I'm gonna bash myself some
more now.....until next tyme....bye...


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