Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-11-12 05:21:34 (UTC)


So. I am in love. I think. I'm not sure. All I can think
about is Aaron. I just wait for him to call. I know he's
buisy though. I wait for him to send an e-mail. He always
replies. I love looking at his typing. The way
he, "umm...uh...yeah". I love it when he does that. I just
can't get enough of him. I want to be with him at all
times. I love how he is always determind to get home late
just to piss his parents off. The way he innocently flirts
with me. The way he seems so interested in me. I just... I
love or like every little thing about him. I have a
boyfriend, Nathan. But he is different now. He is different
from when we first started out. I want so badly to be with
Aaron. I just feel like I need him. Like he's my drug & I
need a dosage of him. Every minute of every day. I hope he
calls. I hope he writes. I know he will. I love the way he
tells me all about his day. Even though I don't ask. He
knows I want to know. Ahhh! Just writting bout him makes me
want him more. I can't waite until Tuesday. I will see him.
I will fall in love with him all over again. I just want to
hold him close to me. I just want him. He thinks I'm very
talented in acting. You know he is the first person to ever
tell anything like that. At anything I ever wanted to do.
He is the 1st person to tell me I am good at what I want to
do. In this weekend just reading his letters I fall more &
more in love with hem. I heart Aaron.

~the one who hearts Aaron~