Teenage years
2001-11-12 05:21:09 (UTC)

Why me?????

You know why is it everytime something happens to me more
than likely it will be bad. Well i am at my grandmas and I
get online and my best friend ims me. Well ok so you know
what kinna news she has tonight right. Bad news. She tells
me she has to move to tennesee.She is moving to Brighton
tennessee that is on the opposite side of tennesse ok that
is pretty much as far as she can get. She doesnt want to
move and I dont want her to move. Her parents dont
understand. Why so far. We are best friends and have been
for a long while. They wouldnt like it if they were our age
and there mom made them move so far away from there best
friend. They know it so why are they doing it to her. We
both have been crying all night. I know for a fact when we
go to school we are going to cry. We are practically
sisters. We see each other everyday, we call each other
everyday, we have not one secret hidden from each other,
and we even call each other sis. It seems so wrong to break
our friendship up. I have had a friend since i was born.
But she does not compare to jessica. Jessica is there
through thick and thin and i hve nuthing to worry about
with her. Remember that long entry just about her well now
she is moving. The girl that I always look to with my
problems well now how can I talk to her. Yeah sure we can
talk online but that is nothing. Without seeing each other
it will be like someone just died. I have never felt so
bad, so lonely. No she hasnt left yet and she wont till
July but what am i going to do then. I dont think I will be
able to handle it. I will cry day and night. As I am
writing I am crying. I am loosing a sister. I am loosing
part of my family. I hate this. I wish parents would just
try to understand. It isnt fair. Yes we knoe life isnt fair
but no one should have to go this far. I have to go so I
will right another entry soon.

Please email me advice!!!!!!!
[email protected]
p.s. I really need advice!!!!!!!!!