my love war..enter if you dare, but help
2001-03-23 15:16:59 (UTC)

well it has definatly been a..

well it has definatly been a while since yall have heard
from me! my life eems to be gong great right now..i have
fund a wondeful boy friend....hes a white boy....i just
turned 20 march 12 he just turned 17 in feb..but i dont see
it as age...he treATs m sooo good! my mom and i think my
dad likes him..my mm loveshim..i love him....he is
soogreat.i wouldnt trade him for noone...

im still friends with kevin...see him at school..thats
it...dont want to hang around hm aymore b/ of what did
happen between us...dont want to do anything to hurt jj...

thouht i was preg last month..had the bgest scare of my
life...but i wasnt....knda glad..but yet kinda sad at th
same time..i ant a kid but im scared that i or we are not
financially ready he says we are buti am barely making it
to pay my bills..so i dunno..anyway i have to get ready fro
work now! beybye