My problems.
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2001-11-12 04:56:51 (UTC)

I dunno What To say

Things have gotten whack. I have to goto Krissy's
house tommarow morning to do our Economics project
and my parents were veing jerks about it all day.

We had planned to goto my store to do it but at the last
minute they decided to just goto her house. So I tell my
parents and their like, you got work to do, blah, blah,
blah. So they tell me if I go their not coming to pick me
up and their not letting me have my house keys. So
now I gotta sneak out with my keys and stuff. But I am
going to her house so we can do our project.

The thing that really pissed me off was that my dad
went everywhere today even AFTER i told him I wasn't
going to be at the store tommarow. He could have
gone to the store earlier so that I could get some work
done, but no he was out most of the day and I told him
about how he bitched and moaned about me going to
Krissy's house and why he can't just goto the store.
Who cares thought. I'm going, end of discussion.

I'm a little scared though. Angela first told me that she
was gonna beat me up but then she reminded me that
if I goto Krissy's house I'm gonna get shot if I go onto
Krissy's property and when I die shes gonna cross me
off all the list like we did with Chad. And after I die shes
gonna throw a party. BUT shes feeding me to the
CHUpACABRA. That kinda scares me ;).

It was fun talking to Angela today. I thought we had a lil'
bit of fun and I tommarow I know shes gonna beat me
up so I'm a little scared.

Stephanie keeps sending me these pictures of Hello
Kitty stuff. There PRETTY KITTIES!!!!! Never ever ever
ever forget that. Stepahine is a EVIL PENGUIN!!! Watch
out guys. Seriously. Shes EVIL!!!!!!!!!

Well its time for me to leave... I was kept watching the
video for "Everywhere," by Michele Branch. That song is
really really really good... It's the way I feel about
someone and that someone knows exactly who they