The Return of a Shitty Life
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2001-11-12 04:49:16 (UTC)

Melissas 16th Birthday

last night at nicks we alll got so fucked up for melissas
bday. she liked her presents (especially the weed!) but
most of all she liked us cause we actually did something
for her birthday instead of being like dickhead james and
ditching her. so we took her to nick and evans house, smoked her out,
and let things happen. me and nick were together the whole night he
was being really nice..or maybe i was just so fucked up lol. i told
him i loved him *YIKES* sorry but uhm i really hate that word it
brings too much pain and im waiting so long to say it again. i got a
bowl finally its pink and shiny and pretty and it smells like reis
its great. i have to stop for swim season im gonna go through fucken

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