How did I even get this far...?
2001-11-12 04:48:08 (UTC)

First entry


Alright, this is my first entry in this online diary
thing. If anybody actually reads this...please, please
don't make fun of me :) What did I do today? I went to
my brother's football game. Unfortunately they lost. He
was sooooo upset. He busted up his arm pretty good, I
hope he is going to be ok. I played some video
games...what a great way to relax. Playing Doom definatly
helps release some penned up aggression. I picked up Josh
from work in Monroeville. That was moderately exciting.
He wanted to get food, so we headed over to the Eat N'
Park. Even though I wasn't hungry, I ate. We had such a
cute waitress... She was super cool, it's a shame she has
a boyfriend. Oh well... I want to quit smoking really
bad. I want to never, ever buy a pack again, but I don't
konw if that is going to happen. Tomorrow I get signed up
for classes at LaRoche. I'm excited about going back to
school. I get to work tomorrow too. Wahoo! Chuck E.
Cheese's is awesome. Current mood: satisfied. I feel
satisfied today. Things went moderately well. I still
have no girlfriend. I still smoke, and I still need to
lose a little bit of weight... but for the most part,
things went well. Another day, which is good.
Well, I need sleep. Sooooo, until next time.