Wolf Crow
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2001-11-12 04:38:52 (UTC)

Who needs pills?

Ahhh.. Weight loss what fun. I think i've lost a good deal
of weight working out everyday and not eating alot of junk
food. I don't see why people need to take diet pills that
could kill you. Some people are born fat (my dad) and some
aren't (my mom) I think I got my mom's side of the
fat/thin tree. Worked today it was crazy only 2 of us were
working in our department today and we did our day in 3
hours (day meaning the amount of money we should do for
the whole day). I sure am glad I don't work closeing
shifts so I didn't have to worry about the huge amount of
clothes still sitting in the fitting rooms. Taking a week
off to think alot of stuff over and relax then after x-mas
I'm going down to visit my family that I haven't seen in 3
years. Kind of scarry, like meeting new people but, going
2000 miles to do it.

Rant time... WHY in the HELL do people have to try on 20
things in the fitting room when they only can take 5 in?
THEN they have the balls to only buy 2 of them MAYBE..

Lets see.. Anyone have any questions? E-mail me and i'll
answer ANY questions..