Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-11-12 04:11:49 (UTC)

I think i am a little messed up...

I think there is something seriously wrong with me,
because, aside from the obvious things that make me weird,
i compare people i know or see to different things, like
instruments, songs, animals, different things like that.

for example:
beth carr reminds me of a loud annoying oboe, or a
scrawny flamingo or a chipmunk... ha ha, you guys know
Ryan reminds me of the tuba, because he is so dedicated
to it and he is big, like the tuba, and loud, and takes
control, the tuba i find is a "take control" instrument.
Will reminds me of a bear, not a soft cuddly one, but a
big black bear, he is strong, but to the ones he cares
about, he is gentle.
Emily reminds me of a alligator, who is often mistaken
for a crocidile. and when i think of em i think of the song
2 little girls by ani...

okay well i could prolly go on forever but i dont think i
am going to, though i have found that no matter how hard i
try i cant compare myself to anything, i think its because
i am often too harsh on myself, and everytime i say
something about myself there is something that contridicts
my classification. Dont think of me as one of those
orgainized people, i am not, but i do associate people with
things, i cant be orgainized, i am often too busy with
different ideas running through my head... if you know what
i mean, you know me...

okay well respond... maybe you can help tell me who i am,
or you... or if you do the same thing so i wont believe
that i am completely out there!

okay ta-

Vicki E.M.