The gnarly adventures of Stormo
2001-11-12 04:08:35 (UTC)

Not quite right. The begining.

Ok I guess this is my online diary. i decided to write it
cos there's been some thing on my mind. If I write them
online then I just just shove them out in a little parcel
onto the internet and not have them hanging around.
I think there's something wrong inside my head. I used to
cut myself quite a lot. I stopped though in December last
year. That's all done with. Well I thought it was, but I
started again a couple of days ago. Then the weather had to
go and be hot. Wearing a hoodie on a really hot day is a
bitch. So eventually I just thought "fuck it" and let my
arm that I've been cutting out in the air. No one said
anything. My folks don't care about it, or they don't know
what to do about it. At any rate they're to scared of
upsetting me by asking me. My mum knows, well at elast she
did a few years ago when I was really into it, she offered
for me to see someone about it. I was like "no way dude!"
and nothing happened.
A lot of crazy people seem to keep online diarys. I'm not
one of them though, someitmes I'm just a bit of a tool is
I want to keep cutting myself again, i really enjoy it, but
I can't hav cuts for Friday. It's really getting to me
though. Man this is kind of a long entry. Fuck it I don't
care, it's not like anyone will read it anyway.
I'm trying not to eat to much either. Its Monday I think.
I've lost 1.1 pounds since Saturday, thats .5kg. I don't
want to fuck up my metaborlism, but yeah. I guess I'll see
how I go.
I'm trying to learn the bass, I wanted to for a while, so I
though "fuck it, I'll just go buy one, it'll be rad". It
is. But I can't play. This dude I was talking to on the
internet offered to show me some stuff, so maybe I'll give
him a call. Me and this amte of mine are trying to start a
band. Are we shit? Yes! We play originals tuff. ACgtaully
we don't play it, we talk about playing it, since we can't
actually play. I'll get there tho. I want to make it. Ok
this is hardcore long. See how it goes I guess.