Procrastination is Key
2001-11-12 03:57:57 (UTC)


So I got my "nag-mail" yesterday telling me to write
something, but I thought i should wait til tonight after the
festivities to write anything, so that i would actually have
something to say:-p I guess I can start with friday though-
but wait why not start with thur, because of which I have
been dead tired all weekend. Computers suck and therefore I
was up til 3:30 on thur night and then woke back up 2 1/2
hours!!!!!!!! later. Not something I want to do again.
Anyway, so eventhough I started out not wanting to do
ANYTHING on fri night, I took a one hour nap and then
decided I was bored so I should go to frankin st and get a
frappuccino!! So that is what I did:-p and also met up with
blake, who wanted to go to Carribou Coffee to get the most
wonderful drink that I MUST go and get soon! Had a nice
talk- coffee shops are cool for that sort of thing;) and
then hung out at GT til I decided that it really WAS my
bedtime:-p Had to go to sleep early ya know! Oh yeah- and
I was able to see like the most awesome car too- I
marvelled at it each time I walked past, hope the owners
weren't where they could see me:-p Sat could be considered a
total waste considering what happened at the freakin
football game! argh! Did watch Pretty Woman though, which is
a totally cool movie as we all know! Which brings me to
Sunday!!! Today my parents were kind enough to come up here
and take me out to dinner- to the OLIVE GARDEN!!! YAY- I am
SUCH a fan of food of the pasta variety;-P So anyway- since
I am not going to be home around my bday- which is NOV 14th
by the way!- they came up and ALSO some of my friends
from near and far came!! How wonderful is that!? So that was
great- although I am definitely looking forward to
Thanksgiving when I can REALLY spend some time with them:-P
And now...... it is 11 on sunday night, I have done
practically no work this weekend, although thankfully there
are no tests to worry about this week(just those pesky
little calc quizzes) so its all good. As long as I can get
my Spanish poster done by fri I should be doing fine- and
then- its the weekend again! Just like that- hehe. Alright-
that is all that seems important at the moment- guess I will
try to write my essay response for english and go to sleep
to get the week started off right!:-P