AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2001-11-12 03:57:48 (UTC)

Some literature to soothe the soul....or disrupt it

Spread across my covers
Problems fabricating onto the bed
Thoughts ponder from my mind
Spill onto the floor
Memories replayed against the wall
Sad eyes empty of passion reflecting in the mirror...

Questions flow rapidly from my brain
Right to my mouth
Questioning thoughts running through my veins
Keeping my blood hot and red
Shown in my bloodshot eyes
With a glimpse of me inside...
Crawling to the back of your mind...
To find some quiet time

As I crumble
Piece myself back
Recompose my being....
Dealing with undeniable stress
Slowly wishing death would take its toll
Not be so long and painful
I cry with stress tearing out of me.

Body sprawled across the covers
In the midst of thoughts
Unraveling through my mind,
Hair spread wide upon the sheets
With me crumbling inside.

Collapsing on the rug
Voices echo from the ceiling
Something pulls me in
Staring at the surface
Surrounded by my walls
Empty tears upon my bed.

Too much pressure
Closing in on me
Stress revamps the lights
The light is full circuit
I roll off
I fall