2001-03-23 14:08:41 (UTC)

we ve got a new computer at..

we've got a new computer at home now which is cool and
we've also got the internet. i managed to scive a day off
school and so i'm writing this in the comfort of my own
one of my best friends wants to go into a foster home.
she's been wanting to for ages now. so today she took the
day off school as well. she phoned me up and asked me if i
would fone social services for her. at first i didn't want
to but i didn't tell her so when she called me i just said
they were engaged. she sounded so dissapointed so i ended
up calling them in the end. it was really weird cos they
kept talking to me as if i was 2 or something. my friend
called me again and said that they had called her and that
our school deputy head had to go down to the social
services place in town. They also asked her if she had
anywhere to stay for the weekend because if life at home
was that bad she shouldn't stay there, they also said that
they were coming round to see her. clara foned me asked if
she could stay with me but she couldn't as we were having
friends staying with us for the weekend. (of all weekends).
i felt as if it was all my fault that she was literally