2001-11-12 03:55:14 (UTC)

That Was So Cool

Ok so same guy as Thursday. I get to church this morning
and he is out in front. Didn't seem to be talking to
anyone. We talked for a bit ourtside and eventually went
in. We stood awkwardly in the back of the room for a while
until he suggested we sit down. When the church service was
over I asked him if he was going to big church. He said no
he was hungry. Since I wanted to hang out with him I said
yeah all I managed to get was a bowl of oatmeal. So after
some awkward time we finally had to leave becuase kids
choir was coming in. It didn't seem like anyone was going
to go out to lunch after so he said that he was probably
going to just go back to the dorm for food. I figured it
was a lost cause at that point so I said I'll probably just
go over to McDonalds. He said that actually sounded good so
we ended up at McDonalds. This is where it gets wierd we
eneded up sitting there and talking until 7 or so. That's 8
hours. I could not believe that. I dind't once get bored.
It was so much fun. I was afraid to get something to drink
or go the bathroom because I didn't want to interrupt how
things were going. He just brought me home now. Think I
have to wait until Thursday to see him again. I should have
just given him my number or email or something. It was just
so awkward. It's not like he offered me his so the
opportunity didn't really come up. I don't know maybe he
was waiting for me. Who knows it could just be friends.
Regardless that was pretty cool. When I got home my dad had
this little look on his face. He said long church service
huh. I'm like you know if I told you you wouldn't believe
me so I'm not going to try. I mean how believable is it
that I was at Mcdonalds with a guy for 8 hours. =)