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2001-11-12 03:51:15 (UTC)

"Earth Angel,Earth Angel, Will u be mine?"

Ok, so last night I went to a Sweet16 party. It was a big
party a really nice place. Everything was fairy
tale perfect, now I cant wait to have mine, I just really
want to have a boyfriend I am head over heels for. Maybe
Brad......I wish. I've been all anxious and excited on
planning my party now. The DJ, the MC, the MUSIC, the food,
the hotel/banquet hall, the dress, the shoes, the hair, the
makeup, the people, the colors, the balloons, the fog, the
lighting, the EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, down to the color of my
toe nails.

Erin is trying to convince me to do something drastic about
Brad. I think he may like me, the cute little stares he
gives and the way he chokes up when we talk, but he is SO
FREAKING SHY, which is maybe why i might like him. but that
means he wont make a move to ask me out. if we start going
out, wow i would be sooo happy.I cannot wait for my
Sweet16, but I keep will all be perfect, but
it would have been so completely perfect, if I had still
been with Matt. Ahhh I cant start thinking about that
again. Outta sight outta mind.

Me and Erin arediscussing her Mark problems. I used to be
invovled with Mark for quite sometime last year, so I have
a better insight to his weird, hot-cold ways. I think she
should just drop him, but a girl cant control her heart.

Now I'm interigating Mark, and I bet he wont answer, cuz
hes bad at confrontations. Oh he DID answer, wow wow.

"I'm just a fool....a fool in love with you...."