This is mine
2001-11-12 03:49:55 (UTC)


ok so i am pretty pissed right now. and you wanna know why?
bc dumb chris is being dumb!and some other crap.well the
first thing is chris is being really mean. he got all pissed
one day and wouldnt talk to me, then he told me to leave him
alone ( i was like whoa w/e you say loser) not really though.
and a couple days lata i IMed him and he was still all angry
so iasked him what was up but he just snapped at me to stop
IMing him. then yesterday his away message said he was workin
stuff out so i thought ok i can talk to him now. but he told
me un-nicely that i shouldnt talk to him anymore. SO DAMN
HIM. and some other crap is not important bc i am hungry & i
want some food...