even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-11-12 03:46:07 (UTC)


so.. i am back from dallas... it was odd....lie it uausally
is.. ashley told me i drink too much... and i dont; think i
do... and that really caught men off guard... liek, ive
kind of been thinking baout it.. cause i.. ashleyused to go
to parties all the time, and tell em abotu them, and its
liek, i don;t drink alot... and she told me i smoke too
much, but idont do that either... bsome of bryans friends
came bye, and they went outside to smoke, and i went with
thme, and she was like, you should smoke less,a nd it wasl
ike, ahhh... i don;t knwo... stuffo liek that makes me
weird... but it was fun, we didn't really do antyhign, we
just hung out and it was semi like back in the day.. i met
scotch, and he wasn;t as cool as ashley made him out to
be.. so the whole 'gang' there is totally introverted... id
ont; understand... it really sucks,a nd i guess thast hwy i
hate "hardcores" so much, because i hang out with some ofe
them and it makes me sad to realize it... i don't know..
they are a way in plabno that i never want to be and it
makes me even sadder to realize that iw as like that, i
just.. i hope ive changed, i mean, i knwo i have, and i
never ever want to digress and become what i was.. ever..
cause it makes me sad to think abotu how i could have
turned out and im so thankfult hat i moved and here, and im
friends with he peopel im firneds with, and not the
hardcores cause i could have somewhat easily done that...
gees.. plano.. blah....

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