My Life Story
2001-11-12 02:40:38 (UTC)

It's so nice to have you back where you belong....

Well, the first weekend of the show went fairly well. There
were a few close calls, but that's to be expected with live
theater. That's what makes it exciting. This week should be
a nice break for me, but then weekend things will get crazy
again. And then after the show's over, I have my surgery.
Speaking of that...my mom is making me my thanksgiving
dinner tomorrow night! :) Yay! And my parents said that
they're gonna buy Shrek and rent a whole bunch of movies
and stuff for me while i'm stuck at home in bed forever!
I'm actually kinda looking forward to having my surgery
cause then i'll be able to just stay home and sleep. This
has been one of the most exhausting weeks of my life! It's
been fun though, so that's really all that matters. Well, I
have a lot of work to do still, so I'm gonna go. Later.

~Daria :)