Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-03-23 13:28:19 (UTC)

much respect to all who read ..

much respect to all who read
please read entry #1

Also taken from a letter to girly on 3-17-01

Shall i ramble on ,oh i belive i will prision has giving me
total leeway in this respect I see dudes out here my age
still trying to prove themsevles convice the world how tuff
they are with their attudes plexin up acting all hard.They
make me laugh and now when i encounter them i dont have to
fight them to prove who i am. and now i totally have the
power to walk away and never think twice about that bs man
there jokers
I lived with the savages made a name among them gained
their respect.
I know its weird what im saying but i guess i needed to be
in roits and
be a ridder all that time to prove to myself all the things
these guys are trying to prove.the fucked up part is now i
know i see that whole being a savage thing doesnt have
anything to do with being a man
and i think thats where the whole being a sav comes into
play we think thats being manly.
I have a job where i wear wife beaters {sling shots,
ribbed white tank tops}and play with these huge
machines,get all greasy and like have wrenches slung
through the belt loops in my jeans.Its like the total
hardcore manly man job.Somtimes when i see myself i laugh
so hard
cause its not me.Im like a cuddley type a guy

stay positive

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