Negative One

Express Everything and Nothing
2001-11-12 02:15:04 (UTC)

Optimistic, I Was

I'm listening to Radiohead's "Optimistic" and I remember
this one night when C, her mom, and I were driving. It was
raining, a winter night, and her mom had the heat in the car
way up. The radio station was playing "Optimistic", and I
realized that my life was great. I had my best friend, the
perfect song, and we're just driving through the rain to her
house, and it was so perfect. At the time it didn't seem so
important, but now it does. We're not good friends anymore.
She kind of ruined my life, but I guess I'm to blame too.
I let it get ruined, I let myself go crazy. I should stop
listening to this song, it's making me depressed. But I