Spyderman of this century

the story
2001-11-12 02:04:44 (UTC)


i just rememberd that i would tell y a lil bout how workin
on my jeep went, well, it looks good. we got the center
console in, but it took forever, and it also took a 12 pack
of beer, my dad drank most of him, but he was doin most the
work, so i really dont mind. i tell ya what though, drillin
holes through the floor of a car, its a very dangerous
thing, especially since we were drillin right over the
transmission, that could have gotten ugly. but it didnt.
then i woke up this morning to this kid my parents were
babysitting screamming her head off. so much for sleeping
in i guess. then i found out that my dad took my jeep to
the airport, or ohio if he drove. he'll be back on friday i
guess, and i catn drive it yet, maybe after tuesday. my
foot ws really sore today, and cold, guess i should start
weearing socks if my family is gonna refuse to turn on the
heat. No one is on aol, and it sucks, if ur on and wanna
talk to me my s/n is DeadClownCorpse That one is a long
story, i'll give u the short version, i worked at a power
plant over the summer, and i found a dead guy in the river,
and ta tell ya the truth, he looked like a demented clown
to me, dont know why, but its kinda stuck in my head, oh
well, talk ta ya all later