Joshin Jane

2001-11-12 01:22:12 (UTC)

hill weekend

song of the weekend: we will rock you

*starky playing air guitar.
*stephens dance.
*pompom fights.
*knock knock....
*pat salemme.
*maybe rob hughes' grandfather is actually my mom.
*picture of me "in bed" with dan freshman year....

SATURDAY [useless detail for my own satisfaction]:
classes went well in the morning.
we celebratred bernie's 59th birthday and did speeches in
holly and i had finally come together as captains in the
past few days trying to do hill psych and team lunch and
jackets and stuff, so i was really pumped for the game.
i was out on the court at 12:30, nervous and warming up,
and my girls came out at 1:00 but hill showed up a bit
earlier and i got a little bit queasy and dizzy being
nervous about my last hill weekend game and trying to run
around and get everything taken care of.
laura heely was there in the hill lineup.
remember laura heely?
for the first time ever, my ideas about bashing hill are
i tried to be nice to the girls alexe and i were playing
and they were really sweet but the game was intense.
we went into three sets.
we were the last game to go so by the 3rd set, everyone
from both teams was standing on the fence watching and
we won 6-2 on my serve.
my team came rushing onto the court after we'd shaken hands
and everyone hugged and holly told us that we'd been the
deciding game because everyone was tied up and i cried with
we stood around on the court for another 15 minutes and
lamented about how good a team we were and how successful a
season we had had.
i kept crying and hanging onto katie and everything had
made me so tired and happy that the tears just wouldn't
i ended up going to the football game with holly to meet
matt griswold, finally, after hearing about him for years,
but instead saw almost every one of last year's alumni i
could want to see.
not everyone had had as good an afternoon as we had; girls
soccer lost 0-3 after four years of shut-out victories and
football lost a pitiful 7-30.
cecie felt really bad about her game and i thought
homecoming might perk her up but it wasn't much to look
forward to.
holls, anita and i got ready at anita's after dropping matt
off and then spent some time talking jen into going so we
missed something like the first hour.
it took a while to get into it but the middle half hour was
okay and despite a little derek-incident in the last 2
minutes i had a great time.
*dancer fighting
*chris sarokhan!
who is that?
it's your mom!
*stolen cake
*exfoliating jen's butt
*dinner with matt's grandmother
*dropping the kids off at the pool
*"cheesecake factory"....a code word for fart
*smoking cameron manheim
*your mom goes to hill
*life is like an airplane...or a coconut....or a knee
*jimmy mck's speech
*morton the penis
*wing wing wing...hello?
*nitin and anoop, my boobles
*"what? are you kidding? jen left? i can't do this..."
right adam....
*4 a.m. ballet dance
*trying to tell the brian lee story
*is this like a permanent enya station?
no, it's a CD....
*my uterus hurts - KISS IT!
*drops of jupiter makes us want to have sex....WITH JON

slept in.
went to maya's.
comm serv art project.
fell asleep in the day room.
woke up upset and crying.
called becky even though i knew she was away.
came home and ate applesauce.
made a quiz.
talked to evan.

{Can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance, five-
hour phone conversation, the best soy latte that you ever had...and