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2001-11-12 01:05:20 (UTC)

I Had to Share This....

When you keep your eyes on Jesus, and your thoughts on
helping others and literally put yourself last, you will
grow beyond belief. God-first, others-second, yourself-
last. That is the way to grow. LISTEN. There are people
just crying to have some one to talk to and some one that
will listen to what they have to say. SHARE. A big smile, a
happy thought, a pat on the arm, a cup of soup, a helping
hand. CARE. When some one hurts. Reach out to them . Don't
talk about your own problems, listen to theirs. Your time
will come. UNDERSTAND. That people cannot be "up" all the
time no matter how hard they may try. that people get weary
and bone tired and tired of constant pain. This can keep
them from responding to you the way you might like them to
all the time. that you have more time on your hands than
some people. learn to make the most of your time. It is the
one thing that God is going to hold us most accountable
for. How much time for God, compared
to time for t.v., computers, books, going out or
concentrating on your self. RESPECT others needs for
privacy and time to be alone. their personal property, and
do not pry or ask questions about private phone calls, mail
or company. THINK before you speak, and then speak softly.
Do not assume anything. Do not repeat gossip. Try to see
something good in every one. This little poem says it all
for me.
I walked a while in his shoes--
And when I did arise--------
Understanding filled my heart-
And tears had dimmed my eyes.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim--
In the light of HIS glory and grace.

Let go-- and let God

A friend of mine, my surrogate Mom wrote these words and
shared a poem that is so popular to many people after I had
written her an e-mail that was in need for an answer. I
thought that what my surrogate Mom wrote was worth sharing
with many other people all over the world because my
surrogate Mom has some wonderful advice more often than
not. my surrogate Mother is a fine Christian Woman of
today's world even though we are 30 years apart from each