dArRk @ngeL

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2001-11-12 00:55:21 (UTC)

dark moments

well i havnt written in here i a while, daz coz i get lazy!
newayz something happened to me last nite, i didn't know
wut it was. it jus came outta tha blues. do u eva get a
real low feeling? like you're jus feeling soooo low over
depressed or over guilt or wuteva! well datz tha kind of
feelin i got. i really have no idea y thou.i just wanted to
run out n jump in front of tha freight train or jump over
tha bridge or sumfin it was wierd. i've neva had a feelin
like dat. i jus felt that no one cared, even thou i nu that
i had frenz that did.i felt that no1 loved me, even thou i
had family that did. i could do nothin but cry to myself in
my room n think stuff like no1 would miss me if i killed
myself or they wouldnt even take tha trouble to make me a
good funeral. sheesh wut a ekk righ? yeh. i'm just sooooo
glad and i thank God fo tha people around me. they know who
they r n well @ first i didn't wanna talk to them coz i
didn't wanna worry ne1 or bother them with dis stoopid
fing. i jus didn't know wut to do. my nesian gurl was there
all tha way - fanx ses! you da bomb - i love you heapzz!!!
fanx fo all yo support n yo clown wayz of makin me laff!!
lol. and i fank God fo givin me such a lovin b/friend. he's
da bomb, i love him with all my heart, i've never felt so
loved by ne1 he comforted me in his own way, now i know how
much he really does love me. even thou we've only known
each other fo a lil while, i jus feel safe wif him and know
that he'll alwayz be there. well don't worry bout me, that
feelin is gone. like i sed, i'd neva felt nefin like it b4,
it's a first n i don't know y, but i hope n pray dat it
will neva happen akain!!!! fanx for evrythin youz all rock!!
well daz all from me fo now......
till da nex fu weekz...hehehe

im out! - *dArRk @ngeL*