Mysterious Attitude
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2001-11-12 00:27:30 (UTC)

Sunday November 11,2001

*Time: 6:19 pm
*Wearing: My black shirt with like ties things on the
side... and my black bell-bottoms
*Jewelry: tha usual and my "Lucky" charm
*Hair: down with a bandanna
*Listenin to : the tv
*Eating/Drinkin: nuttin/nuttin but i'm bout to drink sum
*Song of the day : "How Do I Deal" by Jennifer Love Hewitt
*Weather: Sorta chilly
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: happy/tired/wondering
*Thinking: Mmm.... does Ryan like me and why did Justin get
sorta jealous?¿

I woke up to my pager going off...it was Ryan pagin me...
so I woke up called him... and we made plans to meet... So
at like 3:30 my mom took me to meet him at this high
school... he isn't really cute and isn't my type but ohh
well lol... looks ain't nothing I guess... well anyway me
and him talked for a lil bit and then he went with me,my
mom, and David's aunt to ride around a lil bit... Well we
drove past our house and Renee and everyone was over
here...well when I got back home I found out that Justin
was bascially makin fun of Ryan... sayin that he looked
like a dork... hehe I think Justin got a lil pissy...
Justin looked hot az hell I tell u... hehe mmm I want
him!!!! Anyway...we took Ryan home... and stopped to get
sumthing to eat... at Micky D's I saw this cute boy from my
school with sum of his other friends... they were all
hotties.... ::smiles:: Then I got home... and here I sit
being bored out of my mind... I'm hopin that my sister
calls me back today...cuz I didn't really get to talk to
her that long when I called her today... well thats bout
all for not bye bye 4 now :)


Eh..I broke up with her...she was being a bitch to me...
and I couldn't take it anymore... I felt so bad tho... cuz
I really like her.. and she was tellin me how she is
depressed and wants to kill herself :( So I dunno how she
is doing because I blocked her off all my screen names... I
can't handle it... if sumthing happens to her... I dunno
what's going to happen to me :( I miss her soo much tho!!

~*~*Sumthing Else~*~

I think I forgot to mention that Erica was over at my
house on Halloween and... I umm... told her that I was
bi... she was ok with it.. but I'm not sure.... I think I'm
going to hang out with her next weekend and see what she
has been up to :) Ok I'm really going now... bye bye 4
now :)