In Too Deep
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2001-11-12 00:21:32 (UTC) the first day of your life, the first day that your on your own

this weekend was pretty awesum. i have no complaints
really. friday i went & got my hair cut after school...its
pretty kool. then me & chelsea went to the football game. i
talked 2 some people i havent talked 2 much since last year
so it was kool. we won....and then i went & talked 2 aaron
after. me & chelsea walked aaron & stephen to the feild
house which was kool. yippie. then saturday i had 2 get up
& work on the poolhouse they are connecting to my house.
then aaron came over around 3 and we worked & each earned
like 20$. we left at around 6. we stopeed at QT and bought cokes, the
britney spears ones. the casheir told us to save them and i go "yeah
trust me i do, im the only chik that admits shes hott"....hahahah
aaron left cuz he was laughing so hard & the casheir looked shocked.
then we went to wes's party to
see astrea play....they werent taht good. we stayed for
like 30 minutes & then left & went to the mall. we argued
about what to do there, so we ended up going in sam goody
till it closed. then we left and went & ate at
checkers...YUM. we saw Daniel & Mohamed there...haha. wow.
then he wanted 2 suprose me & took me to some abandoned
neighborhood & we sat in there & ate our food & talked,
then we had 2 come home cuz i had 2 be home by 11. so he
spent the night which was kool. we made a pallet out in the
livingroom & layed there & cuddled & talked & kissed till
like 2....he was being really sweet.
This morning we went to the new Discovery Mills mall. it
was kool...we got yummy hot chocolate & ate. then we went
to the arcade which is HUGE. its like a casino! we spent
like 40$ in like 2 hours...oops. it was fun tho. theres a
bowling alley thats like dark with strobe lights and we are
going there next weekend--i cant wait.
then we came back to my house & talked 4 a while...and he
went home around 6:30 or so. so my weekend was pretty kool.

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