Sarah's Thoughts
2001-11-12 00:03:19 (UTC)


Well i haven't wrote in here in for like ever so i obviously
have a lot to say. First off i want to say that Monsters,
Inc. is the best movie ever. It was so great me(mike),
Danielle(boo), and Michelle(kitty) all seen it. And Michelle
decided to hit on one of the cashiers named Damian, it was
quite funny. A word of advice to Danielle next time remember
to pay the damn guy so u don't make a fool of yourself, lol.
Wow well lets see what else happened this week. Oh yah
Thursday me and Danielle had major detention. Boy oh boy was
that fun, two hours after school with the cool hall monitor
Bill. But we were entertained by Craig which made everything
better. Well then saturday me, Danielle, and Stephanie went
to belmar to bother brian. I got to see some old friends of
mine which was great. Then We went to mcdonalds and got
harassed by this psycho guy that works there. It wasn't fun.
Then my cool dad came and picked us up to take danielle and
stephanie home. After we dropped them off i went home did
some chores, woo hoo. Then I went upstairs to relax and play
some playstation little did i know but in about an hour i'd
end up at danielle's. So yah theres other stuff that goes to
why i ended up at her house but i'm not gonna tell that over
the net, cuz it's my personal business. But yah anywayz i
got to her house and explained everything and just to try
and get my mind off of it i played b-ball, which was great
fun. And we had a bon-fire, which ended up almost burning
down the neighbors house, but we won't get into that. Well i
think thats about it. Damn this is the longest diary entry i
ever wrote, i think i broke a world record or something,
lol. But yah i must go now, buh bye.