Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-11 23:13:39 (UTC)

Can't wait to put my lips to work !!!!

Hey everyone!
Sup ? Not much here! Omg today was pretty cool ! I sang at
a college today with my choir !!! We sang this one song
called "Inscription of hope " and we made the people cry !!!
Cause we deticated the song to those lost on sept 11 !!!
And like everyone was crying ! Its a very powerful song !
hehe ! Then we ate an awesome lunch ! and Me, KT, Heather,
Katherine had a long talk about a fellow singer who is in
our section ! We discussed some stuff and how we felt about
her ! and we all pretty much felt the same way ! Then later
that girl we were talking about came up to me and was
like"yea tonight I am teaching blah blah balh the songs
cause they haven't learned them . I am really suprised
Dr.Stauffer picked me too , wait actually I am not cause I
am the best alto !!!! " I just looked at her and was like
about to kill her but I contained myself and I walked
away !!!! I was seriously going to hurt her ! She is such a
self absorbed . . . . . .urg !!! haha ! But no seriously
she really is !!!! then my mom and I left the college and
we went to mrs.Lakes house ( she is a friend of my moms and
a Mary Kay seller.) and I got all new makeup !!!! :)!!!!!
haha! I love it ! I got new foundation,eye shadow, lip
stick, blush, mascara, and I got this stuff that is
called "satin lips" what it does is first you put on this
'lip mask' and you rub it on and let it sit for a few mins
then you wipe it off and it takes all the dead skin off
your lips! then you put on the lip balm !! it makes your
lips so freakin soft !!!!!!! :)!!!! I love it !!!! haha ! I
can't wait to put muy lips to work !!! LOL !!!!!! jk jk
well not really !!haha ! I am so geeked out ! haha ! I
think my friend kati is mad at me ! She was acting really
weird yesterday ! IDK maybe I am just worried over
nothing ! I hate it when people get mad at me ! I think I
am going to call her and see what is up ! So I gotta
bounce !