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2001-11-11 23:01:23 (UTC)

Hallow! Wazzaaa!

OK... first... i'll say that this is the second time i try
to submit this entry, coz the last time i was writing this
incredibly huuuuuge entry and then my computer started
doing silly things... and i lost everything but i'll start
all over again, for i have absolutely nothing to do...
well, yesterday i went with Elisa and Mireya to the
school's art fair, and well, on friday me and Mireya were
chatting while we ate a hamburger along with Danya and
Elisa on our way to Alejandra's party and we both were
talking about what had happened at recess time, we had made
list grading the classroom's lads,and we had given it to
Rosali, and she was reading it on our way up and Alejandro
(the Biology teacher)was right behind her trying to read
the paper, but when Rosali realised that he was reading it,
she took it away and...
Alejandro: what's that?
Rosali: no... nothing...
Alejandro: then why can't i see it?
and Rosali started running
me and Mireya: Run Rosali run!
and she went up where we were before having lunch and hid
the paper behind Fernanda who was leaning against a wall
near the door so Alejandro went up and looked at Fer
mysteriously and smiled then Mireya took the paper and gave
it to him and as soon as he opened the paper and saw like:
Daniel: booty: _ face:_ blah blah blah... he started
laughing, gave the paper back to us, said: God! and went
away... so back to the hamburger place and chat...
Mireya: you know what? i've always wanted to touch
Alejandro's ponytail
Me: really? me too!
Mireya: today i could barely touch the ends... very little
Me: cool! i have an idea! when we see him we tell him
like : can we touch your hair?
Mireya: yeah! and then smell it!
Me: haahaha, yeah!
so, then when Mireya and Elisa came over so we could go
together to the art fair, we arrived and spotted Alejandro
watching some paintings and i was like "ok... there he is!"
Mireya: erm... Alejandro?
Alejandro: yes?
Mireya: can we ask you a question?
Alejanro: yes
Me: erm... can we touch your hair?
Alejandro: why? why would you like to touch my hair? it's
because it is so smooth and soft?
Mireya: just because!
Tania: they want to do wizardy on you! first they want your
hair, then your picture and then they will cut off a piece
of your shirt!
Alejandro: ok... go ahead
so we started touching his ponytail
Mireya: it feels...
Me: soft...
Alejandro: you see? and there's no need for weird shampoos!
and he went away, we were laughing our guts out!
that day we did get along with him, coz he was in charge of
waters so Mireya and me went over to get 2 water bottles
and he wasnt wearing his glasses
Me: you look weird without the glasses
Alejandro: yes, i know, but it more comfortable, y'a know?
coz i was at football, and the frame i started feeling
like ... (i didnt understand what he said here)
Me: yes, i know, coz i have to wear glasses too, but i
never wear them
Alejandro: you should, coz in the end it's worse
Me: yeah
Mireya: and your little baby girl?
Alejandro: oh, she's with her grandma now i think
Me: how old is she?
Alejandro: a year 10 months old
Me: oh! she's really cute!
Alejandro: thanx
Me: well, see ya!
and we went away... the fair was really boring, there were
ppl from the Lancaster, Edron, Greengates and my school:
The Winston Spencer Churchill School, and we sat in the
first row for the improvisation theatre and there was this
lad from the Edron on stage... who was amazingly gorgeous!
Geez! he was so cute! and the improvisation was really
funny, i laughed my guts out.
then? what else has happened so far? a yeah... my ex-crush
and Danya are back together, good for them, i dont give a
damn about it!
but anyway, after the fair, me, Elisa, Mireya and Daniela
went over to my house and then we went to the movies to see
The Others (the Nicole Kidman movie) and we were frightened
to death! but it was fun though, but i couldnt sleep at
night, coz that movie really does make you think about your
life... but any way... now i know i have by far the
greatest friends anyone could ever have!... they are just
today i saw the football match Mexico vs Honduras (you
see... i'm from Mexico, so i had to watch it, besides i
love football) and i was like really nervous through the
whole game, coz the game decided whether we went to the
world cup or not, but at the 2 half-time Cuauhtemoc Blanco
scored two and Palencia one! i was so excited coz we won
3-0 and we are going to the World Cup! i wanted to go over
and watch the game at the Azteca stadium.... but i couldn't
but i'm dead proud of my country! VIVA MEXICO!
well, gotta go study for French and English (tomorrow i
have bimestral exams on that... and besides i have to do
the usual stuff!)
*~TiNy AnT~*