OhBaby It Is Me

2001-11-11 22:54:34 (UTC)


I'd first like to state that those who still have IOU's
need to try to turn then in SOON! I hope you had as much
fun as I did getting the damn things!

And for all those who did not get to participate in this
monumental event, I'm giving you all a second chance! So
put on those thinking caps and guess them songs!

1) Straight thugin’
2) La da da da da da
3) Squeeky sound
4) So you don’t confuse them with mountains
5) Step on their freckels
6) Sellin’ they mommas sofa
7) An’ somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ ahh…whatever
8) And where are you now
9) Cause I’m a thug
10) I got somethin’ goin’ on
11) Poppin’ Hoppin
12) What you do
13) The Mid West swing
14) Easy Street
15) So u gots ta dance for me
16) My child ain’t done nothing wrong
17) Out like OJ
18) We ain’t goin’ no where
19) Sunny days chrome spinnin’
20) You don’t wanna **** with me
21) Can I still come over?
22) An’ they look like
23) Are you ok?
24) Hangin’ out drinkin’ in the back of El Comino
25) For you
26) Get your damn hands up
27) Live in your own crib and make your own bucks
28) Instead of going under
29) Brick house pile it on
30) Hell no you for real
31) Faster then a speeding bullet
32) Shake my jelly at ever chance
33) Who she is and where she lives
34) It’s you I breath
35) Just remember that it’s all in your head
36) Of here
37) I’m runnin’ I’m runnin’ catch up with me life
38) Just one more fight
39) With a you
40) The way that I do
41) And she knows all his favorite songs
42) No me ames
43) Sit down this might take awhile