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2001-11-11 22:54:30 (UTC)

this week was pretty slow and..

this week was pretty slow and shitty. on monday i went to
see thirteen ghosts with christina and amy. then tuesday i
had off and i did nothing and wed was down so i stayed
home sick. that day i talked to jared about his girl
problems and i felt special bc he was opening up to me a
little instead of me complaining to him. then thursday i
got in big trouble at school for forging some ladys name on
my service hours sheet. im s dumb sometimes lol. on friday
i worked and came home and went to bed and yesterday i went
volenteering and to work from 1-9. i love volentering. it
is so wonderful to be ableto meet so many cool old people
and they are alwaysso glad to see me. yesterday visited
this one lady and se must have been 60 at the most and she
had one leg and all of her mind was stil there. she used to
be a nurse and she has no kids. i really felt bad bc i dont
think she belonged there and it must be scary sometimes.
then last night i worked wth phil and i had him all to
myself and he is so cute i tink

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