Same Drug
2001-11-11 22:43:50 (UTC)

back to reality

ive just spent a whole weekend with andy :) we ddint even
go to the cathouse, at first i thought that was really
sweet of him to not go so he could see me, but then i
realised he didnt go coz none of his friends where goin, on
friday it was flembo's birthday so they all stacyed at
dannys or sumhin like that, he was supposed to phone me but
he didnt, and i didnt hear from him till late the next day,
he couldnt be bothered moving to come and meet me, we didnt
see eachother till bout quarter to five. but then we had a
really good time together. now its back to the week and i
have school and work for 5 days. i feel very numb like i
used to 24/7. i would sit on msn usually but no1 talks to
me anymore so there is no point. if they do it is the usual
hi how are you then nothing. dull meanigless politeness.
they couldnt give a fuck how you are. i could get really
depressed but then i think im no worse off than anyone else
and it makes me feel even worse for feelin bad! im such a
fool i think i will go thru life just tryin diffrent stuff
till im bored with it then movin on, thats wot i do now. i
cant be bothered stickin with anything i just give up wen
the pressure is too much.

im deep in thought now....