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2001-11-11 22:34:19 (UTC)

Once again, I am sat here..

Once again, I am sat here drinking a thick hot chocolate,
talking to Chris, and doing various other little things
that are not even worth mentioning. Such as trying to get
my printer to work, for instance.
It is Sunday, and since I went to bed so late last night, I
overslept this morning. All I have been doing today, as per
usual, is sitting here on my grey swivel chair, staring at
this very monitor, and putting myself to practically no
good use throughout the whole day! :)
Well this morning I came online after sitting downstairs
watching television for a while. Chris was away, and not
many people are online in the morning, so I carried on
finding numerous Christmas clipart on the Web, saving it
and putting each little picture on one single page.
Exciting I know, but I am looking for some ideas for my
annual entry into the Newport Christmas Card competition. I
came second in 1998, second again in 1999, and first in
2000. I managed to dig out the winning card from last year,
as we all had our cards back after the presentations, and
looking at it I realised that it was so brilliant,
colourful and detailed, that I do not know how I am going
to make this year's entry better. I cannot choose whether
to do one of my churches on the front, or a nice detailed
angel. Oh well, I'll decide soon. I hope.