DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-11-11 22:17:45 (UTC)


Ey imma not good wif vocab. n shyt so i try my best

Have you ever felt like you lost everything?
That no matter what your life is..
Whatever you do is nothing
Never ment anything to anyone
Your feelings they dont really care
Ever felt lost?
Or unsure how to feel?
Well thats how I feel
Should i feel glad
That you finally found somebody else?
But yet my heart still aches
And that I still belive I'm the one for you?
Does this even matter to you?
It doesn't matter to you
How I feel..
What I believe..
It never will again
[ Because now you have someone that will love you until the
day you die and treat you right]
First of all you have me who will love you until you die Who will
{love you forever..Second of all u have her that will treat you right
and love you as well}

Folíonn grá gráin alrite?