Life as I know it.
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2001-11-11 22:17:12 (UTC)

flu is fun

no it isnt, but this isnt a bad flu i have, its sneezing
mostly, and yes i still have gone out!!!

Anyway, friday night went to the punk rock party as like
every friday night, had tons of fun. Saw Ian and i was
getting jealous cause some girl was like talking
tohim....but i have nothing to be jealous about...cuse i
realize i dont like him that much (that will be later on in
here) and i ran into the usual suspects and my friend
lindsaay made friends with one...aww so us three went back
to her place and he broke out all this aderall...i did
about fifteen bumps of it, and i didnt sleep for 38
hours....i now have a nasty headache cause of it.

THen yesterday since i didnt and couldnt sleep i spent most
of the day with lindsay watching gameshow network and
wanting to eat but couldnt...my jaw hurt too bad from teeth
grinding...then i went over to melinda's and i thought it
was just gonna be a few of us chillin and drinking, but no,
no i was wrong. Everyone came over...ian too...he sat next
to me on the couch and just the shit he was saying when he
was drunk and i was sober to realize it made me realize
that i could never even date him cause id shoot
him...typical boy. I need an emo boy.

BUt one good thing is dum dum dum SOCIAL Distotion on wed