2001-11-11 21:32:10 (UTC)

Label Me

Do I wear a sign that says "please label me" ? Really do I?
It reminds me of how much I hate first impressions. They
are worthless, because after that, its almost impossible to
change people's minds about you. I'll always be "little
charlotte, the good kid..." Probably always will be too
because no one will ever open their minds. Sometimes I
realize that everything I have been doing isn't me at all.
Then people try to tell me who I am... what the hell...I
don't even know who i am? who are they to tell me? God,
I've tried so hard not to be my mother that I have become
my father, damn...never saw that coming. I have no idea how
people label me, I fit into no label, but I guess that
manage to squeeze me into one. yes I get good i
try? no. do i really care? no. yes i happen to wear normal
clothes... do i want to? no. why don't i? probably to much
of a chicken shit. But if I did wear all black or dress the
way i felt, i would be pushed into another mold/label again.
Sometimes do you realize that you are another person's
identity living at the same time? I swear I am this guy
paul, lacking a lot of talent, brilliant, and courage. I
might as well have been marilyn monroe, i said the same
thing to JH in school that she said to Joe Dimaggio...
it makes you think...but i don't want to think, i want to