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2001-11-11 21:28:26 (UTC)

Work unstress

I spend a lot of time at the office. Its a fairly decent
office space. I work as a clerk in an online sports book.
So basically I'm a bookie. There are about 12 people in the
office right now, but we still rattle like peas in a big

There are our supervisors, Berrin and Brent. Both canadian
and fortunately for them, love the sports. Brent has no
hair in his head, but he's about 30. Barren is a little
chubby but has been loosing weight fast. Now he's more like
a 'built' guy. Assistant Supervisors, Randall and
Alejandro. Randall has nothing special that's worth
mentioning. Jolly Alejandro is a newbie who laughs a lot at
things I say.

Martin is the only guy on the clerk side. Former drummer
for a punk band, he looks nothing like you imagine him to
look. And curiously enough, absolutely no piercings or
tattoos. Carolina was the one that helped me land this job.
She used to be my classmate in the drama faculty last year.
After I got back from my vacations up north during the
summer, she emailed me and informed me that they were
hireing. She likes older men.
Victoria was the girl that trained me. She's a bit
hysterical at times and can be annoyingly bossy. She's very
much like me, except I've toned it down at the office.

Cianny is the oldest of the clerks, I think. She's from
Limon. She usually doesn't go with us to the afterclose
parties to the nearest bar.

Grettel is very silent, and she's close to Berrin.