The Humor in Drama
2001-11-11 21:02:30 (UTC)

What do I hate?

What is it that I hate now?

I don't hate the earth...
I don't really hate its people...
Not technology or pop-culture...
Not my parents or my past, my freinds or my enemies...

I hate me.

I hate me so much.

Why would I hate me?

What have I done to myself to make me hate so deeply?

What have I wasted?
What have I forgotten?
What did I miss here?

I thought I've been leading a good life.
I thought I was doing pretty well.

I don't want to die, by any means. That won't get this
figured out. That won't end my hate. So what will end my
hate? What's going to bring the end I want?

Me, of course.

I have to change me.

But I don't want to. As long as I hate myself more than
anything, I'm the only one who can hurt me.

If I hate me more than anyone else hates me, my only
quarrel is with myself.

I'm a tough critic.
And I'm my own coach.

But I hate me...