The Humor in Drama
2001-11-11 20:49:22 (UTC)

To become the great zombie:

Doing what I wanted to do with my life has been
unproductive and stale. Playing all day, day in, day out,
has brought me to the edges of reality and responsibility.
Now I'm an adult, and I haven't the faintest idea what it
means to run my own life and survive.
I'm fine with running my own life and not doing work.

I'm a horribly lazy, horribly non-motivated piece of flesh.

I want to be a zombie...I want to be a gerbil. I want to do
what everyone tells me to do and be happy about it. I want
to live my life for someone else, becuase it's obvious that
if I live it for me, it will be wasted.

Youth is wasted on the young. I believe that now.

I've learned very few lessons, and not one that has any

I won't make it in the real world, and it's starting to
become painfully clear. I was given everything so that I
could live comfortably, and now I won't do anything for
myself. I won't do any work.

I have no greater intelligence, no greater talent. I have
no gifts, no individuality.

All I can do is argue, disprove, and complain.

I am the other side of the commercial "y" generation. I am
its cynical manifestation. I am the bitterness of old age
without the experience to back it up.

I have been molded by my own actions.
I am reaping what I've sewn.
I am the sum of all my deeds and hard work...


Nothing means anything.
Life has no reasoning.
Life has no purpose.

Humans are simply the animal that got a bigger brain. We
are not special. We are a product of nature and ourselves.
We are the result of infinite chemical reactions and base
elements that we started as.

We convinced ourselves we were better, and now we are one
giant suffering mass.

Better to live instinctually and get toasted by a MACK
truck. Better to be an animal. Thought is so cold.

Thought is so empty.

We are all empty.

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