Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2001-11-11 20:40:12 (UTC)

Troubles and confusion

Dear Diary
U know they say anything that can go wrong will, well
that is my life story. Well, I have been triing to get my
old apartment back, even though it felt hopeless. Tha
property management gave my apartment to tha man who raped
me and my cousin, nephew, and/or brother. They have
continued to create a riot of whatever can go wrong . .

No matter how hard I try to move out of this place, it
seems impossible. I must fail, dirt is better than I am.

This rapist that is also an aids assane, has him a place in
a part of my family I didn't even know I had. He has
repeatedly raped my cousin and I, in broard open daylight.
I have reported this to councellors and police they ignore
me. Which I could call gay discrimination, but I am not
gay. I am intersexed, tha one thang that can not and will
not be excepted. Becuase, noone want to see intersexuality,
in cases like this one. Homosexuality must provail, it's
tha reason they created tha whole spectrum.

If you happen to get have to be gay, nothing else get raped
and includes gays. My little cousin seem to think of his
sexual assualt as a secret. He makes him eat fetal matter,
for heaven sake. All he can think of is money, and some
smart ass attitude. God please tell him to wake up he's
been hit by an aids assassane, on a pubic street
repeatedly. He only fourteen years old, and all this so-
called community can think about is tha words competition
and advantage.

This b**ch is not a rapist, in their heads he must be my
man. I don't even know who he is, tha bastard fellow me
around stalking for ten years. Until he ran across his azz
and my grandfathers other duaghter. Which was six years
ago, he was eight years old. I have done everything, I can
do, tha whole whatever is bent on giving an advantage over
me. I don't matter, well I never had to eat fetal matter
off his penis. His whole relationship is built this aspect
he's freaky he's nasty. I want it to competely stop,he must
leave us both completely alone.