Just Another Dumb Blonde
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2001-11-11 20:23:16 (UTC)

Maturity... what makes a person mature really?

ok so first of all, i dont wanna die anymore guess...
life aint half bad any more, its going kind of ok... even
tho i got caught for all my partying, someone narked on me
and told my MOM of all people. yeah shits been happening
still, u wud think i wud still be all I WANNA DIEEEEE but
for some reason i dont want to. its weird really.... liek,
my life has gotten worse but im in better moods?!?!?! but
whatever, this is is not what this entry was going to be
about, this entry is about maturity.

What really makes a person mature? is it their age, or is
it how they handle themselves, or if they party or dont
party... is it if they still sleep with a blankie or a
stuffed animal, or if they have been with the same person
for years, or never had a boyfriend at all? this is what i
have been wondering lately.
one of my best friends, noele, is turning 18 this
tuesday. you wouldnt know it by looking at her or talking
to her about what her life is like. or would you? noele
never wears makeup, unless i make her or put it on her
myself (well recently shes been wearing cover up and lip
gloss... woo hoo). she dresses pretty much like she did in
middle school... jeans, tee shirs, sweatshirts.. shit she
still wears stuff from 8th grade!!!!! i mean i know that
her dad is an ass and wont buy her new shoes, but that
leads to the next part of noele's life: she doesnt work.
she has never had a "real" job. babysitting is her way of
making a few bux. and come on, babysitting is tuff, but
after u hit 16, it should be a way to make EXTRA cash, not
be your main source of money. noele's favorite channel is
the disney channel, closley followed by fox family. enough
said. noele refuses to drink, EVER. same with smoking. she
has made out with one guy, her one boyfriend. she is
planning on staying here in town, living with her parents
after graduation. she still does not have her license, or
permit for that matter. not even drivers training under her
belt! she also sleeps with a blanket and stuffed animal.
her room has pictures of kittens and puppies instead of
shirtless buff guys and bands. everything about her
basically, would make u think she was 12. an immature 12
year old.
then on the other hand, noele is one of the most level
headed people when it comes to serious conversation. she
will almost always know exactly what to say when u are at
the lowest of lows, like some one who is wise and
expeirenced in life. when people are gossiping over
something stupid, she brings everyone back to reality. she
is soooo not shallow! noele can stick up for her self, like
when it comes to drinking. she stands her ground and doesnt
let anyone pressure her. she doesnt feel the need to be
part of the "in" crowd to be accepted. she is herslf. she
wears clothes she is comfortable in, not the trendy ones.
she has a motherly way about her when shes around children.
she knows when shes being stupid,and she knows when she is
right. all of these qualities are found in most respectable
then last nite, i hung out with some friends. jessica
brought up how her group of friends (inclding noele) were
so immature, how she hates how they dress, their stupid
jokes, and how she wants to dress more like me and caitlin,
how she likes us us cuz we party, and she commented on how
funny we are. i was like "um well they arent the 'coolest'
when it comest popularity but at least u know that u can-"
then she cut me off, saying "at least i know that i can
hang out with u guys, right?" so i said "yeah, definatly."
but what i was going to say (but did not say becuase i was
interrupted agin) was that 'u know that they are true
friends u can always depend on and wont leave u when
something better comes along.'
so then jessica later on said yeah noele is the most
immature person of all my friends. i just sat there
silently while she and caitlin ranted on and on about what
a baby she was. i didnt know what to say!! at the same
time i agreed with them, but then i also know that noele
could be a hell of a lot more mature than they were being.
so when i could,i just said something to change the
subject. i hate talking shit about people who dont deserve
it. so yeah, that is mostly what is on my mind for this
morning, more proly later, ive got to go now, bye.

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