a whole lot of none of your buisness
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2001-11-11 20:18:53 (UTC)

Well it's almost my b-day......

It's amazing how many of your high school friends you loose
after the summer of grade 12 comes to fall. Like every
other summer of your whole school carier, you hang out. But
when fall comes everyone in either going to school or
working and all your friends are poof! vanished. Sad
really. That everyone takes their own path. But see me. i
never had a best friend all through high school like all
the other girls did. My best friends were always guys.
Which isn't exactly bad. But the thing is that they always
wanted me. Which made it so that I couldn't go guy hunting
with them. unlike if they were girls. All my girlfriends
had best friends. But not me. Well i did have a best
friend. But he is a guy. And he liked me. Very much and we
had a bit of a love connection. But i broke it was
a rebound thing from my last relationship. But now because
of that stuff we are kinda drifting. and that makes me
depressed. But oh well if we are ment to be friends, we'll
be friends forever.....
We planned on doing all this stuff drive
accross canada and shit like that...but now i worry that it
won't all happen because we are drifting... oh well only
time will's all in the stars. I suppose