daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-11-11 20:13:22 (UTC)

A Night in Utopia?

Last night I went to Huntington with LB and P. We
went to this place called Club Utopia, which used to be
this cool club called Gyrations, according to LB. Well,
let me just say that it sucked royally. There weren't many
people there, and no one was dancing. Downstairs there was
hip-hop playing, which brought back nothing but junior high
flashbacks. Upstairs there was a dj that was playing some
really cool trance, but the vibe of the people was even
worse. And I think they kept an old horse out back by the
stagnant pond for their beer supply. Every draft they had
was terrible. So, out of sheer boredom, we walked about a
mile and a half to The Monkey, which used to be the Stoned
Monkey. There was a band playing, if in fact one could
call them a band. The guitarist knew a grand total of two
chords, and the broad lyrical repertoire of the singer
consisted mostly of "Fuck yooooouuuuuuuu!"s. We heard
about three songs, mostly for sarcastic entertainment, and
had a beer. The beer was much better, but twice as
expensive, which sucked. We saw the other band set up, and
the drummer was beautiful. Gawd, he was one lovely male.

After we finished our brewskies, we left and headed
back to Utopia, just to see if there were any new people.
It was a funny journey. LB was tipsy and talked to anyone
that walked by. She saw these dudes in a Mustang and
said, "Hey, where's the party?" and promptly tripped on the
sidewalk and almost fell on her face. P and I cracked up
and joked about it for the rest of the night. We arrived
at Utopia, and LB bought some more goat urine, I mean
beer. She met some dude when P and I were ready to go, and
we gave her 25 minutes before we'd leave. So P and I left
and walked up and down the street, all the while making fun
of everything. Cynicism and sarcasm alleviate boredom so
quickly. We found two clubs that seemed really cool, but I
wouldn't be able to enter, damn my age. The only other
clubs I would've been able to enter were Sharkeys, which
I've been told that it cool and crappy, and the Wild Dog,
which happens to be braindead redneck asshole central.

We went to get LB, who was actually grateful instead
of angry. She was freaked out because the guy had told her
he was a male escort. When she told me this I thought, uh,
okaaaaayyy... and left it at that. She kept talking about
it, though. I figured something out about her that I have
never noticed in seven years-she's a desperate, sad little
girl that needs male acceptance and love at all times.
She's also an attention whore. She's nice, but annoying.
I still like her and consider her a friend, but she needs
to grow up. She's more JBug's speed than mine. Oh, well.
It got me out of P-town for the evening. But, as P
said, "Huntington is just Portsmouth with 50,000 more
people." So true, it seems.

Did I mention that I worked yesterday? I did nothing
but clean freight and then Nancy and I decorated the
department because the big pricks require it. I had fun,
but felt as if I was cheating Thanksgiving at the same
time. Oh, well. This is all the price I have to pay for